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Healthy tip:

On spoonful of this natural "elixir" every day will effectively protect your blood lipids from oxidation.

High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"Laconian Legacy".
a true everyday elixir for well-being and good health

“Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, an EU certified Laconia PGI, is such an extraordinare olive juice. One of the very few of its kind, around the globe. Because it contains 5 times more polyphenols than European health regulation (1,222mg/k vs 250mg/k)!

We could assume that it is five times stronger in its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, than a ordinary olive oil. And it is delicious and aromatic at the same time!

Not all extra virgin olive oils are the same. And “Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, is among the top in its category.

“Laconian Legacy” high phenolic extra virgin olive oil is available in
> 500ml dark glass bottles
> convenient 90ml tins.