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Green Olives with Fennel Seeds

"Laconian Legacy".
green olives with fennel seeds

Great taste empowered with pure energy and …good luck: the best just got better!

Greek olives are simply the best in the world. Accepted by the connaisseurs, chosen by taste lovers, globally. So, how can we make something so good, even better? Now, there’s a challenge. And we accepted it!

Our inspiration for our “Laconian Legacy” green olives comes from an ancient Laconian recipe. We choose by hand only the best olives, when they have the correct size and are matured enough. We “crack” them with a knife, one by one, and we let them ferment until they are crunchy and delicious. Then, we top them with our unique “Laconian Legacy” extra virgin olive oil, just to give them an extra nutritional touch.

And then we add our secret ingredient: fennel seeds! Fennel is a remarkable plant, native to Greece, renowned since the antiquity for its nutritional values and its pharmaceutical properties. Its seeds improve both digestion and appetite, and give energy.

Ancient Greeks also believed that the fennel seeds bring good luck. Who knows, perhaps they knew better!

“Laconian Legacy” green olives with fennel seeds are available in elegant glass jars
> 180gr drained weight