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Healthy tip:

Be an undisputed «BBQ master» with our ...magic ingredient: spray your steaks and your meat with «Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Thyme Oil» before you grill or roast them. It will be your little secret to surprise your loved ones! 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Thyme Oil

"Laconian Legacy".
extra virgin olive oil with thyme oil

A blood circulation and energy boost for your body. Also great on every meat you eat!

When we decided to combine a well-known super food like our extra virgin olive oil with an other gift of Greek nature, the thyme oil, we had much more than meat in our minds. Thyme oil can do miracles for your body. It improves your blood circulation and body oxygenation, and increases its healing capabilities. As a result it helps you protecting your heart and lower your chances of blood clots. And it keeps you active at the same time!

The energy boost of thyme oil is truly noticeable. It effectively fights fatigue, tones up your circulatory system, your nervous system, your muscles and even your skin. Also, it is a powerful natural antiseptic, removes toxins and detoxifies your body and especially your liver, because it contains Linalool.

But in the end of the day, you will taste it with the meat you prefer. And yes, it tastes great!

“Laconian Legacy” extra virgin olive oil with thyme oil is available in innovative
> 250ml spray glass bottles and
> convenient 90ml tins.