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Healthy tip:

Prepare a quick, tasteful and healthy snack, after a busy day: Toast a slice of bread, spray over it with «Laconian Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano Oil». Top it with a slice of good feta cheese and a slice of fresh tomato and pare it with a glass of chilled white wine! 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano Oil

"Laconian Legacy".
extra virgin olive oil with oregano oil

A powerful, healthy combination of anti-aging and digestives qualities. Also ideal for your salads!

We all know that extra virgin oil is the delicious foundation of every healthy diet. And that oregano, reiterates the taste of almost every salad or recipe. But did you know that the essential oil of oregano, also slows down the aging process because of its antioxidant properties? And not only that: it even repairs the damage already done to your body by the bad free radicals!

Like olive oil itself, also contains phenols, that literally scours the body and eliminates those free radicals that cause serious diseases like certain cancers, macular degeneration, loss of vision and hearing, nervous disorders and many such ailments related to premature aging. Including wrinkles!

Oregano essential oil also helps your digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes. And maximizes the nutrients you get from food.

“Laconian Legacy” extra virgin olive oil with oregano oil is available in innovative
> 250ml spray glass bottles and
> convenient 90ml tins.